Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer : Research on 6-Inch Being (12.10.2012)


World Puja Network Show - October 12th, 2012

- Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer -

Host: Dr. Steven Greer
Guest: Dr. Jan Bravo

Dr. Greer, Dr. Bravo and Emery Smith were overseas the last few days of September doing what scientific investigations they could on the tiny 6 inch "being".

Dr. Bravo and Dr. Greer discuss what tests they were able to do; what they found out and what further testing they are planning.

As Dr. Greer has described, this "being" does not look human, but they have contacted renowned researchers to make sure it is not a genetic anomaly of some kind.

They do not want to rush to any conclusions about its origin and are pursuing this investigation with distinguished scientists helping them with the protocols.

They will be doing an MRI, X- ray and DNA testing among others.

The results could be amazing. You do not want to miss the inside details from Dr. Greer and Dr. Bravo.

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